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Spiral Wound Gasktes

Spiral Wound Gasket, CS Outer Ring – SS316 Winding + GRAPHITE Filler – SS316 Inner Ring as per ASME B16.22 – All Sizes Available.





Insulating Gaskets
  • Insulation kit RF ( Type F or F) kit containing G10 retainer and energized PTFE seal gasket 3.20 mm , Mylar sleeves , G10 insulation washers & MSZP Plated locking washers to suit ASME B 16.5 flanges Smith Gaskets
  • Flange Insulation kit FF ( Type E or F) kit containing neoprene coated phenolic gasket , Mylar sleeves , Plain Phenolic insulation washers & CS locking washers to suit ASME B16.5 flanges Smith GP
    Ring joint gaskets
    Hylomar Seals