Minimise risks of injury to

people and property damage

Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) at Lakeford is founded on personal responsibility. We believe that if every Lakeford employee makes a personal commitment to health, safety and environment, together we will achieve an incident-free workplace. Lakeford’s HSE goal is aligned with our vision of “Defining leadership in East Africa energy services through people, innovation and technology. Realizing an incident-free workplace will require delivering on our values of Integrity, Relationships, Excellence and Sustainability. We recognize that as we live by these principles we naturally create a safer, stronger work environment. We encourage everyone at Lakeford to write a Personal HSE Commitment and to use the provided tools, such as handbooks, to better understand what they can do to keep themselves and their co-workers safe.


Our criteria maximizes 

satisfaction to our clients

In order to achieve our Mission, vision and Objectives, Lakeford will work with Customers, Suppliers and our employees to implement a quality assessment and assurance criteria that maximizes satisfaction to our clients, improves our profitability and reputation, assures suppliers credibility, creates more opportunities and improved professionalism of our employees.


We provide employment  

health benefit packages

Lakeford promotes a healthy workplace where employees can enjoy a clean, safe environment. We offer flexible time off and encourage our employees to find a good balance between their work and home life. We also offer a range of educational and financial programs to support the well-being and career aspirations of our employees. Lakeford provides employment health benefit packages which are designed to help individuals and families maintain a healthy lifestyle


We improve the safety 

of our work environment

Lakeford is committed to continuously improving the safety of work sites and educating employees on safe work practices, allowing them to demonstrate accountability for their own safety and that of their work colleagues. Lakeford Policies requires that every hazard and unsafe act be reported immediately to minimize the chance of injury, increase awareness and improve the safety of our work environment. Our Field Supervisors, Senior Engineers and HSE Advisors are expected to frequently visit our worksites and work with crews to improve safety awareness.


We innovate to reduce

our environmental footprint.

We are conscious of the nature of our work and the potential impact it has on the environment. Lakeford is always looking for opportunities to work with customers and employees to implement innovative ideas that reduce our environmental footprint.